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Hayley's Journal
Ramblings of an Addled Mind
Rawr ... again 
2nd-Apr-2005 04:26 pm
I got to Harlow an hour early for work so I could window shop and ended up buying some PS2 games ... because there is like a sale on at Game >.>

I bought The Bouncer, Kessen II and Dead or Alive 2 (And got Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut yesterday). Haven't had a chance to play any of 'em yet because Dad is asleep in the PS2 room and I'm too lazy to go in there, nab the PS2 and set it up downstairs.

Work was dead ...

About half way through my shift, this man comes in. He's got a hearing aid and he's walking on crutches and he looks like he's in his mid-thirties. Yung helps him fill up a plate and stays to talk to him for a while, then she leaves him too it.

(I've seen this man before - he used to come into Woolworths on one of those scooters for people who can't walk and moan to me about how Woolies never used to sell anything he wanted.)

Most of the staff where meandering around the Water Margin because ... well ... there was NOTHING to do. Everytime someone left, David and Fanny LEAPT on the tables to clean them. (Stupid table cleaning hogs :P) So as I walked past him, this guy grabs my attention. He says he has a bone disease that means he can't walk properly and over long periods of time (explains the scooter and the crutches), and could I please go get him some fruit and ice cream?

So I do because ... you know ... he's sick and all. I come back, and he asks what EVERYONE asks me: 'So, you're the only westerner here ... do you speak Cantonese like the rest of the staff?' And I give my standard response which is: 'No. But I can speak a little Japanese.' This man starts telling me about his friend who speaks Cantonese. (It's actually a very interesting story, his friend sounds cool :D)

Then he whips out his mobile phone and shows this picture of a really pretty lady with ginger curly hair and says 'that's my wife, Tanya'. So I say how pretty she is (because she is), and he looks at the photo, smiles and goes: 'She's the most beautiful woman in the world'. And inside I'm all like: 'Awwwwwww ^_^ That's is sooooooo cute!' So then he scrolls down and shows me a picture of a boy, a little younger than me, in a school uniform from St. Marks. He tells me that's his son and 'he's such a poser :)' Then he goes down and shows me this picture of ANOTHER boy who's laying in a hospital bed, asleep. 'That's my younger son Mark ... he's in hospital. Well, that's not him NOW, that's when he broke his arm ... he has pneumonia at the moment.' So I sympathise, chat with him some more and then go get him some wine, and eventually he pays and drives off on his scooter which is parked outside.

And he got me thinking you know. He was a really, really nice bloke. Why IS it that it's always the NICE people who seem to suffer? He's got a bone disease ... his son is in hospital ... and then you get TOTAL JERKS who are beautiful, successful, smart, live out their WHOLE lives in the lap of luxury and just SUCK SO BAD.

It's not fair ya know?

2nd-Apr-2005 04:02 pm (UTC)
Heres a though, would he be such a nice guy if he had never gotten the bone disease?

Or how about this, would he be married to "the most beautiful woman in the world"?

Would be be as happy?
2nd-Apr-2005 06:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you Alex, for raining on my parade.

2nd-Apr-2005 05:40 pm (UTC)
maybe nice people just have the innate strength needed to deal with shitty stuff. Bastards who go through through beautiful and hating/hurting everyone who gets near them might have these "good" lives because they just wouldn't have what it takes not to make life worse for every other fucker on the planet. like if stalin had a bone disease you know he'd run people over with his scooter, and then throw exploding stuff at them. erm....
2nd-Apr-2005 06:32 pm (UTC)
Umm. Ok Chelle O_O
2nd-Apr-2005 09:19 pm (UTC)
lol, hush. I know what I meant. :P
8th-Apr-2005 01:45 pm (UTC)
stealing the penguin, you have no choice in the matter. i need it for the greater good. *claims*
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