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Hayley's Journal
Ramblings of an Addled Mind
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29th-Mar-2005 11:06 am - Running out of options
Blah the mac lab has a class in it. No coursework for Hayley >=( I also met Peter up there - when does your Film coursework have to be in guys? I'm lame and can't remember - and I don't want to miss the deadline THIS year as well, especially since I had to pay for a bloody re-sit.

So I'm hanging out in the library as usual. And as usual there are strange people down here. Some townie girls using the internet to search for cars which they are describing as [valley girl accent]omg soooo cute![/accent]

That creepy librarian dude is helping some guys in Manchester United shirts find some shit on the internet, and the special ed. kids keep talking to me.

Oh I hate coming back to college after a break. I'm so feckin' tired.

Mum had this awesome argument with Daisy yesterday via myself XD Mum was up at 8 and I was up at 9, and mum wanted me to get Daisy up.

Me: "Daisy, mum wants you to get."
Daisy: (In full-blown teenagebitchwhine mode) "Noooooooo. Leave me alone."
Me: "I think you had better get up."
Daisy: "No! Go away"
Me: "Mum wants you to get uuuuuuuuup~!"
Daisy: "GO AWAY!"

At this point Daisy is really, really pissed at me for waking her up. So I wander out onto the landing.

Me: "She won't get up!"

(From this point onwards I am in the middle of this, relaying what each person is saying back to each other.)

Mum: "Daisy get up!"
Daisy: "No!"
Mum: "Daisy I'm not going to tell you twice ..."
Daisy: "I don't want to get up!"
Mum: "DAISY. Get up NOW."
Daisy: "Whhhhhhhy?
Mum: "Because if you don't get up now, you won't go to bed early enough tonight and you have school again tomorrow!"
Daisy: "NO!"

Basically at this point mum got off her ass, stormed up the stairs and her and Daisy had a 10-minute long screaming match at each other which resulted in Daisy getting up and grounded for a week. Hee.

Oh god, she goes to PGL next week. I think I died and went to heaven. A week of being an only child - that's never happened since Daisy's been born. In 13 years this is going to be the longest period without my sister.

*Basks in the glory*
27th-Mar-2005 04:23 pm - Hee
Dad and Daisy are re-watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow downstairs. The Surround Sound is vibrating the floor XD

I'm in a strange mood. Must be all this Easter chocolate :)

Happy easter everyone ^^
26th-Mar-2005 09:20 am - God DAMMIT
Soooooo I finished work at 3.30 today. Since my bus comes at 20 past the hour, I had like, 40 minutes to kill before going to the bus station. And being broke, I decided to go to the library.


They have quite an extensive selection of manga in there now, so I picked up a volume of Love Hina (despite the ecchi, I still think it's helluva funny), and sat down at a table to read it.

I am there all of ... 20mins. Happily reading to myself. Ho hum. When suddenly, someone FLINGS their arms around me from behind in a strangling hug. I assumed it was like ... Chelle or someone. So when I was freed I looked behind me, and standing there was ...

Two girls I have never seen before in my life.

And oh yes, were they ever fangirls.

Basically, they'd spotted me reading OMGMANGA and came across the library to introduce themselves. And by introduce themselves I mean drag several volumes of manga (FAKE (yaoi -_-;), Saiyuki, GTO and some other shit ...) over to my table, sit down, and chatter to me non-stop about what was my favourite manga/anime. I was tempted to go off on a Naruto tirade, but I didn't. Mostly because if they'd read/seen it, they'd probably be Sasuke fangirls and make me want to chew off my own arm.

I just mumbled some bullshit along the lines of 'yeah I like Sailor Moon ... and Chobits ... and CLAMP' and pretended to be really, really shy. Neither of them asked my name, although one of them was called 'Emma'.

They left after a little while to check out their shit, and I exited the library, bitched to Steve, and then felt very sick on the bus home because I hadn't eaten anything.

I fucking hate fangirls. I really, really hate them.
24th-Mar-2005 02:59 pm - Ooook
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23rd-Mar-2005 10:10 pm - Harrassment

22nd-Mar-2005 08:41 pm - I'M EVIL
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22nd-Mar-2005 04:14 pm - Rawr

Sigourney Weaver vs. Arnold Schwartzenegger vs. Alien vs. Predator vs. Jaws vs. That Thing From Donnie Darko vs. Harvey the Rabbit vs. ET vs. The Signs Aliens vs. Samara vs. The Incredible Hulk vs. The Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men vs. RAISEN BRAN!!!!!111one!!1
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